Freshman Year Program


The mission of the Freshman Year Program (FYP) is to provide a comprehensive guide to being successful in college as well as a foundation to a particular area of study or concentration. It is meant to assist students in developing the confidence and necessary drive and skill set to transition from high school to college, and to complete their course of study in a timely manner. FYP intends to fulfill this mission via the following goals/objectives: 1) demonstration of knowledge of self; 2) exiting developmental/remedial skills courses; 3) accumulating 30 credits prior to the start of their second academic year; 4) demonstrating critical thinking skills; 5) technological proficiency; 6) civic engagement; 7) career orientation; 8) relating to diversity, and 8) providing students with a smooth transition into their Sophomore Year of College. It culminates into a Freshman Year Experience that integrates and incorporates both academic and non-academic programming that facilitates a socially inclusive and supportive environment to address the social, emotional, and academic needs of our students. The Freshman Year Experience includes Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminar I (FS 101) focuses on five interdisciplinary modules (Bonding, Orientation, Study Library Skills, Wellness and Education/Careers), an extensive orientation to Medgar Evers College, and how to successfully meet the demands of college and personal responsibilities while maintaining physical, emotional and social health.

Freshman Seminar II (FS 102) primarily focuses on the Education/ Careers module introduced in FS 101 and enhancing students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills in written and oral expressions.

Course Descriptions

FS 101 Freshman Seminar I

1 credit; 3 class hours

Freshman Seminar 101 is designed to orient all first-time freshman and/or newly and readmitted students with less than fifteen credits to Medgar Evers College. It serves as a foundation course where students gain the intellectual confidence needed to successfully complete their general education curriculum in a timely manner.

Specific general education and basic skills courses are linked to FS 101 so that students can integrate and apply FS 101 reading, writing, and analytical techniques to their content-based courses.

Students are introduced to the following modules that will help them to persist and adapt to college life: 1) Orientation to acclimate students to Medgar Evers College’s history, mission, vision, students’ rights, and their responsibilities; 2) Medgar Wiley Evers and the Importance of Civic Engagement; 3) Bonding with Faculty and Peers; 4) College/Life Management where students learn to effectively manage their time and create more efficient schedules; 5) Study Skills that consist of note-taking, outlining, test-taking skills, and such as their College Email Accounts, Blackboard, CUNYFIRST, E-portfolio ,and Library Research; 7) Financial Literacy; and 8)

Wellness for Mind and Body. Students are assigned to a particular course section depending upon students’ pre-collegial experiences and assessments. Pre-requisite(s): None

FS 102 Freshman Seminar II

1 credit; 1.5 class hours

Freshman Seminar 102 will be a focal point for learning communities between LIB 100 and the introductory course of the student’s major for second-semester freshman students. Students will have the benefit of taking three courses with a cohort of students in their major discipline. Students will become more research-oriented in the context of their majors and minors, complete a service-learning component, as well become exposed to internships, and expand their career opportunities in their discipline. Students will develop their personal brand and be able to market themselves within the tradition of MEC. Themes are attached to each learning community to highlight the goals and objectives of their learning experience.

Students who are undeclared or undecided will be exposed to the many disciplines with a focus on civil rights and social justice.

Pre-requisite(s): None Co-Requisite(s): LIB 100; Introductory Course in Academic Major.