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Navigated to CUNY E-Permit via CUNY Portal.

CUNY E-Permit via CUNY Portal

The Online Permit process allows students to make arrangements to take courses at other CUNY Colleges without having to directly (in person) contact both the home and host colleges for approval. The intent of this process is to provide a convenient means of obtaining permission to register for courses offered at other CUNY colleges.

This will enhance the opportunity of graduating in a timely manner and allow students to pursue academic interests not offered at their home college. All ePermit requests are now available through students’ CUNYfirst account. The navigation is as follows: Self Service ==> Student Center ==> Other Academics ==> ePermit ==> Select the Term and ePermit option. Students must be currently enrolled for request being made for a subsequent semester; maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0;  and, pass all CUNY entrance exams if applicable.