Caribbean Research Center

The mission of the Caribbean Research Center (CRC) is to provide  a multidisciplinary understanding of the New  York  environment  from the perspective of the diverse social, cultural, and economic characteristics of the Caribbean-American community, and analysis of the immigrant and migrant experiences of this community in the context of the wider Caribbean Diasporas in the Americas and Europe. The CRC is committed to doing this through its research, programs, and publications. It offers scholarly insight into the challenges and successes of Caribbean immigrants and migrants, and their impact on the Diaspora environments in which they live and work, as well as the Caribbean basin as a whole. The Center will work in partnership with organizations in the United States, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world, on issues which fall within the scope of the Center’s mission. Location: 1150 Carroll Street - Rm. 315, Brooklyn, NY 11225; Tel: (718) 270-6218; email: