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Transfer Policies

Transfer Policies Pertaining to CUNY Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree Programs.

  1. All City University of New York Associate in Arts degree recipients shall be:

    • given priority for transfer over non-University students seeking transfer, accepted as matriculated students at a senior college of The City University of New York, and upon transfer, granted a minimum of 60 credits toward a baccalaureate degree and be required to complete only the difference between the 60 credits granted and the total credits normally required for the degree.

  2. All Liberal Arts and Science courses successfully completed in one City University college are transferable, with full credit, to each college of the University. Credit will be granted for these courses in all departments and programs and recognized for the fulfillment of degree requirements irrespective of whether the student has fulfilled the requirements for the associate degree.

  3. Effective Fall 2013, students who have earned a City University Associate in Arts (A.A.) and the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree will be deemed to have automatically fulfilled the lower division liberal arts and science distribution requirements for a baccalaureate degree. However, students may be asked to complete a course in a discipline required by a senior college’s baccalaureate distribution requirements that was not part of the student’s associate degree program. In such cases all coursework required will be applied towards the total number of credits normally required for the baccalaureate degree (see note c).

  4. Based on a fair and reasonable evaluation of a student’s transcript at least nine (9) credits will be granted in the student’s major (including laboratory science). Note that this does not preclude a senior college from granting more than nine credits in the student’s major. (Students who change their major upon transfer may not have completed coursework that can be applied towards a new major.)

Please note the following:

When students transfer prior to the completion of an A.A. degree, the liberal arts and science courses they have completed will be deemed to have fulfilled discipline-specific distribution requirements for all baccalaureate programs on a discipline-by-discipline basis, with the exception that upper-division coursework will not be recognized unless appropriate prerequisites have been satisfied.

  1. Students who have completed professional courses such as Accounting, Education or Nursing, where instruction is begun at the associate degree level and continued at the baccalaureate level, will be granted credit for such coursework upon transfer with the A.A. degree. However, the senior college shall determine the proper level of placement in its professional course sequence and the coursework can apply to the professional degree.

  2. Graduates of A.A. degree programs who have not completed at least one year of foreign language study (or established an equivalent proficiency) and transfer into a baccalaureate program requiring a foreign language may be asked to complete six (6) to eight (8) credits of foreign language coursework (or establish an equivalent proficiency) in addition to their normal degree requirements. Proficiency may be established based upon high school coursework, native language abilities, or examination.