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Payment of Tuition and Fees

When planning to register for courses, students must be prepared to pay tuition, student activity, consolidated, technology, senate fee, and any other fees associated with registration by the tuition payment due date. The methods of payment accepted by the college are:

  1. Cash

  2. Money Orders

  3. Financial Aid Award (PELL or TAP)

  4. Student Loan

  5. Nelnet Pay Plan

  6. Tuition Waiver

  7. Voucher

  8. Special Registration Status (i.e. Veteran or other third party)

Method of Payment

Payment may be in cash, money order, certified check, or through the Nelnet tuition payment plan where payments have been made directly to Nelnet. Please note the following:

  1. Students can make payment in CUNYFirst with their checking account.

  2. Partial payment could be made in CUNYFirst.

If paying by check or money order:

  1. The student’s emplid ID# must be written on the face of the check or money order.

  2. When a check is returned for “Insufficient Funds” or marked “Stop Payment”, the student remains liable for Tuition and Fees in addition to the Processing Fee.

  3. A “Stop Payment” on a check or an “Unofficial Withdrawal” does not cancel a student’s registration or financial obligation.

  4. The student must “Withdraw Officially” within the required Refund Period for any refunds. (See Refund Section.)

  5. When using a check to pay for a past due balance, bursar stops will not be released for at least 72 business hours for the check to clear.

  6. All checks must be made payable to Medgar Evers College.

Nelnet Tuition Payment Plan

The CUNY Nelnet Payment Plan is a convenient, manageable payment solution that gives students the option to pay tuition in interest-free monthly installments, rather than one lump sum. The plan is simple to use and provides students with flexible plan terms with convenient payment options.

Tuition Waivers and Third-Party Contracts

Recipients of a tuition benefit from an employer, sponsor program, or other organization must present their award letter and/or voucher each semester, even if the document states that the organization will pay for multiple semesters. All waivers must be submitted by the tuition payment due date. The documents must be dated during the same time period as the semester of use. Upon submission, the student account will be notated accordingly.

Financial Aid Payments

Financial Aid awards are expected to be posted on student’s account by your tuition payment due date. Students must file for financial aid early, follow up with the Financial Aid Office and submit all documentation requested. Students who do not receive financial aid are responsible to pay all tuition and fees by the payment due date. Students must determine their eligibility and amount of financial aid available prior to the beginning of the semester. Changes made to registered courses, adding/dropping courses could affect financial aid eligibility.

Dropping and Withdrawing from Courses

Tuition charges are based on registration; students are responsible for tuition charges notwithstanding attendance, completion, and/or grades for registered courses. Courses drop by students on and after the first official day of the semester will incur tuition liability charges. Students who withdraw from courses are 100% liable for all tuition charges related to that course. In addition, withdrawing from courses could affect financial aid awards and eligibility. Students should consult with a financial aid counselor before withdrawing from classes to determine if a financial obligation will incur.

Course Cancellation

The Office of the Bursar reserves the right to cancel courses for students who do not satisfy their tuition payment by the tuition payment due date. All Students whose classes are canceled by Bursar due to non-payment have the opportunity to re-register within 24 business hours; however, it is not guarantee students will be able to re-register for the same courses canceled as registration is filled on a first-come basis.

Outstanding Balances and Stops

A Bursar stop is placed on a student record if payment is not satisfied by the payment due date. A Bursar stop prevents a student from being able to enroll for courses at any CUNY school, obtain or access a transcript, grade report and enrollment verification documents. Bursar stops will only be lifted once the outstanding balance is paid in full. Students in arrears six months or more will be forwarded to a third-party collection agency.