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Financial Aid

Director of Financial Aid:

Marie Petion


718 270-6141 office


718 270-6194 fax



Associate Director:

Judy L. Morgan


718 270-6141

Assistant Director:

Amado Calderon, Jr.


718 270-6133

General Information

After having identified their educational costs and matching them to their own personal resources, most students discover that, in order for them to enter or continue college, they need some form of financial assistance.

The financial aid staff at Medgar Evers College helps students receive all the financial aid they are eligible for. They do this through the provision of information, advice, and services in accordance with Federal and State financial aid regulations.

Applying For Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available online at and must be completed each academic year. The academic year begins with the summer sessions and concludes with the subsequent spring semester.

The CUNY Supplement Form must also be completed in order to be considered for the Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS). The application can be obtained from CUNYfirst Student Center.

Students may file their Financial Aid application via the Web in the Medgar Evers College. The Financial Aid Computer Lab is located in Room S-106.  When opened, students can use the computers to complete and file their financial aid applications. Students also can apply from any computer at