Library and Information Services

The Library’s total print holdings include approximately 124,000 volumes and over 400 print periodicals covering all areas of the curriculum. In addition, the Library subscribes to over 90 electronic databases and provides access to more than 25,000 e-journals and 50,000 ebooks. These holdings encompass all academic disciplines and significant areas of advanced research in support of the college curriculum and programs. Especially well represented are materials pertaining to the humanities, health sciences, business administration, education, and African American studies.

Our qualified librarians and staff members are available to assist all library patrons, either individually or in groups, with searching, locating, and accessing desired information. Student research efforts are further enhanced by the Librarian faculty who provide Information Literacy instruction classes and Reference assistance.

The Archives and Special Collections department houses the Southern Africa Collection, which reflects the social, political, and economic conditions in the countries of Southern Africa, and the Dorothy Porter Collection of African American History and Literature. A microform collection of 40,000 out-of-print books and periodicals includes the Schomburg Collection for Research in African American studies.

The Instructional Media Services unit houses more than 20,000 items of non-print resources including audio and video cassettes, slides, DVDs, and CDs, for instructional use. These services are available for both students and faculty, and the staff is also involved with media support in and outside of the classroom.

Media Services also manages the equipment needed for using these resources. Kurzweil Readers and VTEK/SPECTRUM monitor/camera systems that enlarge print sixty times the original size, for visually- impaired patrons are also maintained by this unit.

If needed materials cannot be found in the library, the Inter-Library Loan (ILL) department handles various referrals, direct- borrowing, and union-list services through several consortia networks.

This includes METRO, a consortium of libraries in the New York metropolitan area which provide cooperative information-sharing. The consortia also offers courtesy cards to gain admission to special research and reference collections.

In addition, the Library is a member of a number of several information networks that provide users with access to national and international books and research for almost forty-seven million items including local bibliographic data provided by CUNY libraries. The Library also participates in the New York State Inter-Library Loan System (NYSILL), the Academic Libraries of Brooklyn (ALB), the New York Metropolitan Reference and Research Agency (METRO). Online access is provided to national and international commercial databases, many with full-text articles, others with abstracts only. For a complete listing of these electronic holdings please see, http://www. mec.

The Library also maintains an active program of outreach to the College and the local community through various educational, social, and cultural events, lectures, book signings, exhibitions and other programming sponsored by or facilitated by the Library.