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Library and Information Services

The Library’s total print holdings include 98,657 volumes and 1,026 print periodicals covering all areas of the curriculum. In addition, the Library subscribes to 175 electronic databases and provides access to 189,631 eJournals and 917,118 eBooks. These holdings encompass all academic disciplines and significant areas of advanced research in support of the College curriculum and programs. Especially well represented are materials pertaining to the humanities, health sciences, business administration, education, and African American studies.

Our qualified librarians and staff members are available to assist all library patrons, either individually or in groups, in-person or online, with searching, locating, and accessing desired information. Student research efforts are further enhanced by the librarian faculty who provide reference assistance and teach Information Literacy instruction classes, also in-person or virtually.

Reference services are provided in-person, and via LibChat on the Library’s website, virtually. Library Department faculty offer individual research consultations (in person and online). Books and articles can be accessed via the Library’s website using OneSEARCH and the online databases:

The Reserve Collection is composed of books placed on reserve by instructors as required reading or to supplement class instruction.

The Resource Sharing unit handles various requests for items that cannot be found in the MEC library. Books and articles can be obtained from other Libraries and organizations through several consortia networks including METRO, a consortium of libraries in the New York metropolitan area. METRO also offers courtesy cards to gain admission to special research and reference collections. The CUNY Library consortium provides CLICS service to the CUNY community allowing borrowing from other CUNY libraries.

The Medgar Evers College Archives collects records that chronicle the history and academic achievements of the College as well as unpublished materials of historical value generated by individuals and organizations. To preserve our holdings and to make them widely accessible, we are digitizing valuable and/or fragile objects and creating both on-site and electronic exhibits and displays. The Special Collections contain rare and out-of-print books, periodicals, newspapers, and audio and video resources relating to several subject areas: the African American Experience of the Diaspora; Southern Africa from the 1960s to 1980s; the African and Caribbean heritage. These materials can be used in-house only.

The Library also maintains an active program of outreach to the College and the local community through various educational, social, and cultural events, lectures, book signings, exhibitions and other programming sponsored by or facilitated by the Library.

For further information, contact the Library via the LibChat widget on the Library’s Website: