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In order to receive a one hundred percent (100%) tuition refund, including accelerated fees:

  1. a student must withdraw from course(s) prior to the first day of classes, or

  2. withdraw from the College Students should consult the “Schedule of Classes” for additional information on the refund schedule. Tuition refunds are also made in accordance with the Board of Trustees regulations when certain circumstances, such as military or Peace Corps service, apply.

When a student initiates a “withdrawal,” the date on which the student drops his or her classes, not the last date of attendance, is considered the official date of withdrawal for the purpose of computing tuition refunds.

Non-attendance, informing the instructor of withdrawal, altering the bill to indicate an intention to drop a course(s), or stopping payment on a check does not constitute an “Official Withdrawal.” If a portion of tuition has been paid with Federal Financial Aid funds, that portion of any tuition refund is returned to the appropriate Financial Aid Program. Students should be aware that “Withdrawal” from courses after the first day of class will incur a tuition liability. Withdrawal after the third week of classes or failure to complete a course will affect their Financial Aid.

For any questions regarding Financial Aid, visit the Financial Aid Office.