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Student's Rights and Responsibilities For Financial Aid

Students, it is your responsibility to:

  1. Review and consider all information about the College’s programs before you enroll.

  2. Accurately submit your Financial Aid applications by the required deadline. Errors can delay or prevent you from receiving aid. Additionally, knowingly misreporting information is a violation of the law and subject to penalties.

  3. Read, understand, and accept responsibility for all agreements you are asked to sign.

  4. Notify the Financial Aid Office of changes in your name, address, or enrollment status immediately. If you have a loan, you must also notify your lender of any of these changes.

  5. Be aware of the College’s refund policy.

  6. Know the programs’ limits on:

    1. total amount of aid;

    2. number of years you can receive aid. Do not borrow more from student loans than you need.

  7. Know the terms of repayment on your student loan(s).

  8. Work out a financial plan for yourself.

  9. Keep a good file. Be sure to keep records (copies of promissory notes, canceled checks, payment receipts) of all of your obligations. Use this file when talking to your lender or Financial Aid Office about any problems.

Appeal of Financial Aid Probation / Suspension

A student may appeal a determination of “unsatisfactory progress” for Title IV aid through the following procedure:

  1. Submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal. The application contains the following information:

    1. reasons why he/she did not achieve the minimum academic requirements;

    2. reasons why his/her aid should not be terminated, and,

    3. supplement any written appeal with documentation to support why satisfactory academic progress was not maintained.

  2. Appeals will be received by a committee to determine if the student’s claim is justified. The student is then advised of the decision.

Waiver of Good Academic Standing Requirements

Academically proficient students who experience a “bad semester” can apply for a waiver, which permits a student to receive a “state award” the semester immediately following the one in which the student failed to meet program pursuit and/or academic progress standards. The waiver can only be granted once and is only approved if a student can demonstrate and document unusual or extraordinary circumstances, e.g., the death of a family member, personal tragedy, or illness. TAP Waiver Forms are available in the Office of Financial Aid.