Registration Procedures

Before the registration period, students should:

  1. Consult an Academic Advisor.

  2. Plan a schedule of courses and an alternative schedule.

  3. Remove all “Stops” and get financial aid clearance.

  4. Be sure they have all the necessary forms and bring them on your scheduled day.

Early Registration

Early Registration is a process available to all students who are currently enrolled and in good academic standing. It is an opportunity for students to receive first choice of the courses that are offered the following semester. Registering early can save money and time. Early Registration for the fall semester usually occurs during the first and second week of May. Students who register early also get an opportunity to bursar early, thus avoiding long lines found during the Regular Registration period. Students who register early in the fall can pay during the first and second week in July. Early Registration for the spring semester usually occurs during the first and second week of December. Students who register early for the spring semester can pay at that time or the first and second week of December.

Regular Registration

All students who failed to take advantage of Early Registration (continuing students) and those who could not (probation, first- time freshmen, transfers, re-admits), will receive a letter/postcard indicating the date and time they may register. If he/she do not receive a letter/postcard indicating the registration date and time:

  1. Continuing Students should contact the Registrar’s Office, 1637 Bedford Avenue, Room S-301, 718-270-6040 (Tel).

  2. New, Transfer and Readmitted Students should contact the Admissions Office, 1637 Bedford Avenue, 718-270-6024 (Tel).

Late Registration

Late Registration period begins the first day of classes. During this time, a student can either register for courses or make changes in courses previously selected. Late Registration is the most critical period due to cancellations, and closed courses. In addition, there is also an additional fee of $25.00 for registering late.

Program Change Period

The Registrar’s Office has two Program Change periods per semester. The first period is scheduled for students who register early, and the second occurs during late Registration. There is no fee charged to students who wish to make changes in their early registered schedule. However, students who wish to make changes during late Registration period will incur an $18.00 fee.


The refund periods are extremely important because of the timetable for refunding tuition. If a student wishes to receive a 100% refund, he/she must drop from all courses, either in person or via CUNYFirst before the first day of classes. A complete listing of all refund percentages and the applicable dates are outlined in the Academic Calendar. For additional information, please refer to the section of the catalog pertaining to Tuition, Fees and Refunds.

Tuition Payment Policy

You are legally bound to pay for courses once you are registered.

If you decide not to attend the College, you are legally obligated to cancel your registration by “Officially Withdrawing” from courses prior to the first day of classes. If not, you will be billed and if you fail to pay your tuition, your credit may be adversely affected.