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Academy for Youth

The Academy for Youth is a coalition of youth programs designed to enrich the academic, physical, social and cultural development of students in grades K-12. The Academy offers services after school, Monday–Friday and on Saturdays. All students have an opportunity to participate in sports or cultural activities, educational remediation or enrichment classes, and leadership workshops or

discussion groups. In addition to the regularly scheduled activities, all students are encouraged to participate in community service, service learning, or internships activities. The experiences of students are enriched through trips to educational and cultural institutions in the city. Periodic showcases and demonstrations are scheduled to give students an opportunity to demonstrate the skills that they have learned to their families, their school community, and the general community.

Beacon Community Centers

The Academy for Youth administers four school-based Beacon Community Centers: Crown Heights Beacon at PS 138, the Flatbush Beacon at MS2, the Oasis Beacon at IS 323, and the Progressive Youth Empowerment Beacon at PS 181. Activities include homework help, academic enrichment, community service projects, and recreation and cultural activities such as dance, chorus, art, band, double dutch, stepping, martial arts, photography, and basketball.

They also offer free high school equivalency (GED) classes for community residents. In addition students receive vocational and college counseling, financial aid counseling, and scholarship information. Serving Grades 1-12.

Crown Heights Beacon @ PS 138 - 760 Prospect Place

(718) 953-0857

Flatbush Beacon @ MS 2 - 655 Parkside Avenue

(718) 462-6992 x23021

OASIS Beacon @ IS 323 - 210 Chester Street

(347) 770-8672

PYE Beacon @ PS 181 - 1023 New York Avenue (718) 703-3633

Educational Talent Search Program (ETS)

Educational Talent Search Program (ETSP) was developed through the Higher Education Act of 1965. The mission of Talent Search is to identify and encourage eligible youth, in grades six through twelve and out-of-school youth up to the age of 27, to finish high school and to enroll in post-secondary education. Services include small group tutoring, academic and personal counseling, college campus tours, test taking, time management skills training and counseling, workplace tours and job shadowing opportunities. Serving Grades 6-12. Location: 1534 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216. Tel: (718) 804-8806,  email:

Expanded Success Initiative (ESI)

The Expanded Success Initiative (ESI) uses new ideas and creative solutions to tackle the educational achievement gap and increase the number of Black and Latino young men who graduate high school prepared to succeed in college and careers. ESI is an educational component of the Office of the Mayor’s Young Men’s Initiative (YMI). YMI is the nation’s most comprehensive effort to tackle the broad disparities slowing the advancement of Black and Latino young men. As part of that comprehensive effort, ESI will invest and conduct research in 40 public high schools that have shown promise in reversing this trend; develop and launch new high schools specifically designed to fully prepare Black and Latino young men for success in college and careers; and scale up college advising training city-wide with the goal of reaching all high schools over the next two years. Serving Grades 9-12. Location: 1534 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216 Tel: (718) 804-8805, email: SPCD@

Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP)

The Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) was established in 1988 to ensure that students in grades 5-12 achieve academic and personal excellence, graduate from high school and enter post-secondary education or the workforce as highly competent young adults. The program provides supportive interventions for these students, such as skills assessment; tutoring; academic, family, and personal counseling; regents prep, SAT prep and other enrichment activities. This program is funded by the NYS Education Department. Serving Grades 5-12. Location: 1534 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216 Tel: (718) 804-8856 email:

Prep for Success

Prep for Success implements the Out of School Time (OST) High School Transition Program funded by the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development. The purpose of the program is to help youth adjust to the demands of high school and gain on-time promotion to Grade 10. The afterschool program provides support services to the entire 9th grade cohort of selected schools. The program is designed to engage students and help them achieve their goals by addressing in a timely manner any educational, personal and social challenges that may arise. It addresses the developmental needs of adolescents and assists youth with building skills that are critical to their success in high school, college, the labor market, and life. Serving Grade 9. Location: 1534 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216 Tel: (718) 804-8828

Science Technology Entry Program (STEP) The mission of the Science and Technology Entry Program is to prepare historically under-represented or economically

disadvantaged secondary school students (grades 7-12) for entry into postsecondary degree programs in scientific, technical, and health-related fields, and the licensed professions. The program emphasizes educational enrichment class work related to careers in the targeted fields. Some courses include robotics, hydroponics, physics, SAT prep, regents prep, etc. Additional activities include academic advisement and counseling to apprise students of the opportunities and prerequisites for the pursuit of their career goals.

Serving Grades 7-12. Location: 1534 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216, Tel: (718) 804-8830/31, email:

Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)

The Summer Youth Employment Program is sponsored by the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development. Through a lottery selection process, New York City youth between the ages of 16 and 24 are provided with seven weeks of summer employment and educational experiences that build on their individual strengths and introduce them to the world of work. Serving Ages 16-24. Location: 1534 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216, Tel: (718) 804-8860, email:

The After School Corporation (TASC) at PS 181

Based at PS 181, the TASC after school program features individual homework assistance to youth. Additionally, the program offers athletic and art components which improve the academic skills and confidence of its participants. The program increases youth awareness of the importance of post secondary education, provides a strong foundation for academic success, and fosters a positive attitude toward school. The program also seeks to reduce violence by involving students in positive activities within a safe environment and by encouraging parental involvement. The TASC program operates Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Serving Grades

K-8. Location: 1023 New York Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226 Tel: (718) 703-3633, email:

Upward Bound Program

The Upward Bound Program is funded by the US Department of Education. It provides fundamental support to students in their preparation for college entrance. The program serves high school students from low-income families, high school students from families in which neither parent holds a baccalaureate degree, and low- income first-generation military veterans who are preparing to enter School of Professional & Community Development postsecondary education. Serving Grades 9-12. Location: 1534 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216 Tel: (718) 804-8869, email:

The Young Adult Borough Center/Learning to Work Center The Young Adult Borough Center/Learning to Work Center (YABC) is part of the NYC Department of Education’s commitment to provide multiple pathways to graduation for overage and under- credited students, ages 17½ -21 yrs. The Learning-to-Work program assists students in overcoming some of the obstacles that impede their progress toward a high school diploma and assists them with pursuing post-secondary employment and/or education. The program provides enhanced academic support and youth development support services, meaningful career and educational exploration experiences, work preparation and skill development, and internships. After students complete all required course work and achieve required scores on the regents examinations, they receive a diploma from their sending school. Serving ages 17½-21 yrs. Location: 400 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207 Tel: (718) 566-7156, email: