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Student Services

Dean of Student Affairs:



718 270-6046 office


718 270-6189 fax


1637 Bedford Avenue


Suite S-306



Senior Director:

Peter Holoman


718 270-6051 office


718 270-6189 fax


1637 Bedford Avenue

Departments and Directors


Chetara Murphy
718 270-6067 office
718.270.8204 fax
1150 Carroll Street, Suite CP-21

Career Management Services Center

Antoinette Robinson
718 270-6055 office
718 270-6198 fax
1637 Bedford Avenue, Suite S-302

Center for Women’s Development

Lisa Evelyn
718 270-6940 office
718 270-8249 fax
1150 Carroll Street, Suite B-1005

Counseling Services

Makeba Pinder, LMSW
718 270-4832/5123 office
718 804-8249 fax
1650 Bedford Avenue, B-1005

Differently-Abled Services

Anthony Phifer
718 270-5027 office
718 270-5003 fax
1650 Bedford Avenue, B-1024

Ella Baker Child Development Center

Janet McIntosh
718 270-6183 office
718 270-6242 fax
1150 Carroll Street, Suite C-103

Health Services

Althea Willie
718 270-6077 office
718 270-6241 fax
1637 Bedford Avenue, Suite S-217

Male Development Center

Andre Brereton
718 270-6405 office
718 270-6198 fax
1150 Carroll Street, Suite M-8 

Student Life and Development

Amani Reece
718 270-6050 office
718 270-6198 fax
1637 Bedford Avenue, Suite S-212

Student Government Association

Student President
718 270-6240 office
718 270-6198 fax
1637 Bedford Avenue, Suite S-221


The mission of the Medgar Evers College Student Affairs Division is to address students’ psychosocial needs by providing resources and advocacy that effectively complement their academic growth and development. We support students’ rights and responsibilities, and facilitate student leadership opportunities, including participation in intercollegiate athletics, peer mentoring, and service-learning, and engagement in clubs and organizations. In addition, we coordinate college-wide mental and physical health education and provide services and accommodations to our campus’ differently-abled community. The Student Affairs Division also offers immediate assistance to students who are transient or in financial crisis and connects them to external resources available via our community partners. As a supplement to all of the aforementioned, we provide skills and knowledge that prepare students for the professional world.

Our overarching function is to spearhead the implementation of policies, programming, and initiatives that serve students in myriad ways. Utilizing a holistic approach, while employing individualized efforts, the Student Affairs Division leads student learning outside the classroom and facilitates student success within and beyond Medgar Evers College.

In support of the Medgar Evers College vision, the MEC Division of Student Affairs supports the academic success of all Medgar Evers College students, fosters their intellectual, personal, social, and professional development in preparation for the entirety of their lives, and contributes to enhancing the quality of the campus life, the educational environment, and their relationship with the broader community through a variety of programs, activities, opportunities, and services that promote student learning and development both inside and outside the classroom. Classroom is defined as any venue without walls where one becomes engaged in one’s own environment.