Career Management Services Center

The mission of the Career Management Services Center is to prepare and develop students, through co-curricular programming, to obtain career and other professional opportunities.

Career Management Services Center activities assist, empower, and encourage students with:

  • developing the professional skills necessary to compete in the world of work,

  • being proactive with managing their career planning and

  • making smooth transitions: from student to professional or when making a career change, and,

  • the practice of life-long learning.

To accomplish this mission, the Career Center utilizes in-person, as well as, online technology to engage and assist students. From mock interviews and executive guest speakers, to internship recruitment, and assistance with obtaining professional attire, the Career Center provides a multitude of resources that address students’ career needs.

The Career Preparatory Plan

The Career Preparatory Plan is the Career Center ’s signature workshop intended to assist students with managing their professional progression while completing their college education. The Plan is a check list of co-curricular and career activities that students should engage in, in order to be ready for the world of work once they reach graduation.

Other Services include:

  • Self-Assessment/Career Exploration

  • Career Coaching

  • Mock Interviews

  • Industry exposure

  • Resume review and approval

  • Internship/Job search assistance

  • Recruitment opportunities

  • Graduate School awareness

The Career Management Services Center is located in the School of Business and Student Services building at 1637 Bedford Avenue, Room S-302. The office phone number is 718 270-6055.