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Career Management Services Center

The Office of Career Management Services (OCMS) is a significant resource for Medgar Evers College students. Providing career-oriented activities such as workshops, events, coaching, recruitment, and other resources.

Our Mission

The mission of the Career Management Services Center is to assist students with professional preparation through career exploration, recruitment, and enhancement activities. The OCMS provides guidelines, best practices, and co-curricular programming which, when students fully engage, afford them the opportunity to become life-long custodians of their professional experience.

The Office of Career Management Services Empowers, Engages, and Equips (the 3E’s) students with:

  • developing the professional skills necessary to confidently compete in the world of work,

  • the ability to be proactive with managing their career planning and development,

  • making smooth transitions from student to professional or when making a career change,

  • cultivating strong relationships with employers and industry leaders, and

  • the practice of life-long learning.

Program Description 

To accomplish this mission, the Career Center utilizes in-person, as well as, online technology to engage and assist students. From mock interviews and executive guest speakers to internship recruitment, and assistance with obtaining professional attire, the Career Center provides a multitude of resources that address students’ career-related needs.

The Four-Year Career Action Plan

The Four-Year Career Action Plan is intended to assist students with managing their professional progression while completing their college education. The Plan is a checklist of co-curricular and career activities that students should engage in, in order to be ready for the “world of work” once they reach graduation.

Services Provided

  • Career Assessment/Career Exploration

  • Career Coaching

  • Mock Interviews

  • Industry Exposure/Employer Seminars

  • Resume Building

  • Internship/Job Search Assistance

  • Recruitment Initiatives/Career Fairs

  • Graduate School Awareness

Online Micro-Credentials

In today’s emerging job market, Micro-Credentials or Digital Certificates are used to demonstrate to employers that a certain skill set has been mastered. Because of this micro=credentials are useful for those seeking employment or career advancement opportunities. the OCMS has access to a wide array of free, online asynchronous resources available to students and alumni.

Registration & Management

The OCMS uses Symplicity as our department’s registration and management system. Students are encouraged to register an account on Symplicity. Once the account has been activated by OCMS staff, students may schedule resume reviews, search for internships, full-time and part-time opportunities, and receive ongoing information on upcoming career events and activities. To register your Symplicity account, go to

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


P: 718-270-6055

Appointments available upon request