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Withdrawal From Courses‌ ‌

A student may officially withdraw from a course without academic penalty through the ninth week of classes during the fall and spring semesters; through the third week for the Summer Session; and through the first week of the Winter Session. Please review the Academic Calendar for exact dates and deadlines online at When contemplating withdrawal from courses, the student should bear in mind that academic standing or eligibility for financial aid may be affected. Failure to adhere to the procedures for withdrawing from courses will result in “WU” grades. In order to officially withdraw from a course, a student must use their Schedule Builder following the guide on page 20.  Schedule Builder guides can be obtained from the Academic Advising Center, 2nd floor of the ‘S’ building.

The City University of New York has mandated that all remedial courses be completed within a student’s first year of college. Withdrawal from Remedial Skills courses will not be permitted without the approval of the Director of the Freshman Year Program, the Chairperson of the English Department, Chairperson of the Math Department or Chairperson of SEEK/Special Programs.

Unofficial Withdrawal from Class

Students who cease to attend courses without officially withdrawing are given a grade of “WU”. Grades of “WU” are counted as “F” grades. “WU” grades can be appealed by filing a petition through the Student Advocacy and Support Services Center which is reviewed by the College-wide Committee on Academic Standards and Regulations. All appeals must be accompanied by substantive documentation. All such appeals will be presented to the Committee for approval or denial. The student is subsequently notified of the decision by the coordinator of the Committee.