General Education Core Requirements

New General Education Core Requirements Effective Fall 2013

Starting in Fall 2013 all new first-time freshmen and transfer students must enroll in the CUNY Pathways curriculum: a 30-credit Com- mon Core for all students and an additional 6-12 credits in the College Option for baccalaureate students. The Common Core consists of 12 credits in the Required Core and 18 credits in the Flexible Core. All continuing students can opt-in to the Pathways Curriculum and are encouraged to meet with an advisor to determine the best course of action based on their goals and credits earned.

Required Core – 12 Credits

The Required Core consists of 6 credits of English Composition, 3 credits in Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning, and 3 credits in Life and Physical Sciences; requirements for MEC students follow:


Flexible Core - 18 Credits

To reach the required total of 6 courses, students in AA, AS and bachelor’s degree programs must complete at least one course in each of the five Flexible Core areas and an additional sixth course in one of them. Students can complete no more than two courses from any one discipline or interdisciplinary field; requirements for MEC students follow:


Medgar Evers College Option - 12 Credits

(Baccalaureate Degree Students Only)

Socio-Cultural and Diversity Cluster III

Students take ONE COURSE from the following:


Integrative Knowledge Cluster IV

Students must take THREE COURSES from the following (one Humanities, one Social & Behavioral Sciences, one Natural Sciences & Mathematics):

Course Number

Title [Anchor Discipline]



Foreign Language II# [Humanities]

3 credits

ENGL 363

Literature The Global City [Humanities]

3 credits

ENGL 370

Special Topics in Literature [Humanities]

3 credits

ENVS 200

Environmental Health Issues [Natural Sciences & Math]

3 credits

ENGL 333

The Body in Place and Culture [Humanities]

3 credits

PA 365

Crime and Punishment in Urban America

3 credits

REL 301

The Bible and Hermeneutics [Humanities]

3 credits

REL 402

Women in Religion [Humanities]

3 credits

HIST 300

Women Leaders in Civil Rights Movement [Social & Behavioral]

3 credits

*students who take Foreign Language I in the Socio-Cultural and Diversity Cluster must take Foreign Language II in the Integrative Knowledge Cluster

STEM Variants for General Education Common Core

Any student can take STEM variant courses as substitutes for Common Core requirements in Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning, Life and Physical Sciences, and the Scientific World as approved below; STEM variant courses must satisfy major requirements.


STEM Variants: Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning